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Twin Pines Family of Companies

Twin Pines features Landscape & Construction

For over 30 years, Twin Pines has provided services in landscaping & construction, plumbing, electrical, chimney work, and snow removal. Learn more about our services below.

Leverage over 100 years of experience within our leadership and team, we provide construction services at all levels. Our successful projects range from small repair work to room remodels to additions and customer house builds. Our fully licensed leaders will help you define the project, manage the project through its life by managing our team of specialists and ensure that the project finishes with quality. We can combine our design capabilities to create your dream solution.  We also have experience renovating and constructing multi-family units through tradition or prefabricated solutions.

  • Project General Contractor
  • Project Supervision
  • Any project that oversees multiple trades to completion
Landscaping & Construction
Twin Pines Family of Companies
Twin Pines Family of Companies
Twin Pines Family of Companies

We have over 30 years of experience managing both site and construction projects from original concept to completion. We have the equipment and know-how to take on your site work requirements, complying with all engineering and code requirements for an efficient start to your project.

  • Site Work
  • Water / Drainage Management
  • Remediate Site Violations

Our Company

Twin Pines Family of Companies is a full-service company established in 2003. We are fully licensed and insured. Our licensed professionals service residential and commercial customers primarily in the MetroWest area. We are a highly reputable company that prides ourselves on providing cost effective options for service and installation, guaranteeing premier customer service.

Twin Pines Family of Companies
Twin Pines Family of Companies

Twin Pines Landscaping is a family owned and operated landscaping company that has been operating in the MetroWest, Mass. area for over 20 years.
Led by landscaping expert and co-owner Chris Hopkins, Twin Pines Landscaping is fully licensed and insured, and we warranty our work. More than that, we are dedicated to our customers and take pride in our workmanship. No job is too big or too small for Twin Pines, as our hand-picked staff uses personalized approaches and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality of work and satisfaction among customers.

Design & Construction
Services Include: Excavation, Lawn Installation, Plantings, Water Features, Swing Sets, Putting Greens, Etc.
Masonry & Stonework
Services Include: Installation/Touch Ups of Patios, Decks, Decorative Walls, Walkways, Fireplaces, Etc
Seasonal Cleanups
Services Include: Fence Installation, Repair, and Maintenance (Wood, Metal, Composite, Etc.)
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Construction & Carpentry
Services Include: Additions, Remodels, Interior/Exterior Wall Removal/Installation, Outdoor Installation and Maintenance of Decks, Sheds & Gazebos
Services Include: Fence/Gate Installation, Fence/Gate Repair, Fence/Gate Removal
Electrical Services
Services Include: Electrical Remodeling Work, Installation and Repairs, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Design, Service Calls, Installation of Recess Lighting
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FitzCo Construction & Electric

FitzCo is primarily a construction, electrical, and contracting company with a strong home remodeling and addition division. No job is too big or small for our team of licensed, qualified workers. We have a loyal following of customers in the MetroWest, Mass. area, and are always looking for more opportunities and new challenges. What’s more, our company offers free, no obligation estimates on all construction jobs, which includes an evaluation of the job by our division leader, Shawn Fitzgibbons

R&M Plumbing and Heating

R&M Plumbing and Heating has been working in the MetroWest, Mass. area for over 20 years. We are known for our quality work and the positive customer experiences we provide. As part of the Twin Pines Family of Companies, R&M often finds we are the perfect fit for customers looking for larger scale projects that require other aspects of home improvement, such as Construction, Electrical Work, or Masonry. These projects can include full Bathroom or Kitchen Remodels, among many others.


Services Include: Installation of Boilers, Garbage Disposals, Dishwashers, Outdoor Faucets/Showers, Hot Air Furnaces
Services Include: Repairs of Showers, Toilets, Sinks, Boilers, Dishwasher, Outdoor Faucet/Shower, Hot Air Furnace, Leaky Pipes
Services Include: Installations, Repairs, Maintenance, and Emergency Calls
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Chimney Services
Services Include: Inspections, Cleanings, Installations, and Repairs
Gutter Services
Services Include: Installation, Cleanings, and Repairs
Pellet Stove
Services Include: Installations and Repairs
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Clean Sweep Chimney and Gutter

Clean Sweep Chimney and Gutter Services has been operating in MetroWest Mass for over 20 years, fully insured, Clean Sweep specializes in installations, repairs, and cleanings for both Chimneys and Gutters. Each Chimney inspection includes a certificate of good standing, which customers can use to prove their chimney has been inspected and approved for use.

Our goal at Clean Sweep is to create repeat customers who can come to rely on us for any of their chimney and gutter needs. With that in mind, not only do we offer fair prices and honest feedback, but all quotes for repair and replacement are always free.

you asked we answer

  • Our primary area is from Concord in the north to Franklin in the South to Worcester to the West to Newton to the east.
  • We go beyond those areas for project based work and some specialty services – just ask if we can service you effectively.
  • Residential – we offer every service for a home owner but we struggle with very small jobs (we are glad to do them but may take longer to schedule and be more expensive than other providers)
    • Every service is done by in-house specialists except for large roofing jobs, large board/plaster jobs, spray in insulation.
    • We do not provide (but have excellent partners) engineering and inspection services.
  • Licenses – Absolutely – we have all of the proper licenses to complete our broad range of services.   It is also important to know that if we find problems beyond the original scope or have a rare problem, we have the experts to handle it quickly to keep your project rolling.
  • Insurance – we carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance including specialty requirements for high risk areas such as snow removal.   We will be glad to issue you a certificate prior to starting any work.
  • Started in 1991 by Chris, our company is over 30 years old and has completed over $100mm in services for our customers.
  • We offer fixed bid contracts or time & material contracts.   Both have pro’s and con’s.   We guarantee our pricing for the project if the scope matches the agreed upon quote.   You encourage you to ask for any change controls as supplements to the quotes so that there are no surprises when it comes to settling up on your project.
  • Most estimates are delivered within 3-5 days of when we look at your project.   However, there are projects that are larger in size, require multiple trades to coordinate the quote, have sourcing of materials or have engineering requirements that take longer to get your quote completed.   Worried about how long it is taking, just give us a call and we will provide exactly where you are in the process. 
  • Yes.   There are three types of changes that need to be managed:
    • The Hated Surprises – we start the project and find problems that can’t be seen until the project starts – our project leader will discuss the problems with you and provide with quotes prior to moving on with the project.  Some common problems are water damage, dry rot, poor quality prior work and items that are not up to code.
    • The Enhancements – we love when you take you idea and supercharge it with enhancements.   These need to be priced and agreed at the appropriate stage of the project to be cost effectively and time sensitively implemented into the project. 
    • The Extensions – we often get additional project requests while working on a current project.    We will work to decide if this should be held as a separate project or run concurrently with your existing project.   The space, specialty and scheduling help determine the best way to handle these new needs.

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